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Only fit for the KING

In the next upcoming posts, it will all be about the amazing experience i have enjoyed since last friday….(i am still very dreamy over the whole incident!)

 To start it off….




 The best chicken rice at Bukit Merah ,only fit for the King’s appetite.

I m so glad he liked it…BBB is happy too! 


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LUSH 99.5


My favourite Radio Station.

Lush 99.5… oozing with the best mixes by Local DJs.

House,Electric or Jazz, there is a great combination always.

It just feels so good to unwind your window at night and blasting music from Lush 99.5

 Helps me to relax…

 Check out the Web Radio

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Playing with food



Mummy always say kids shouldnt play with their food…..wahaha

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Ryanstyle’s Burger


 Recently,i am so in love with cooking ,like it is my new found love.

What’s Good Cafe coming up???  Stay Tuned!

I have been glued to Travel & Living on the cable every night as they have so many cooking programs for me to pick up a skill or two. I just love the way they cook and present their food…

I simply love Jamie Oliver. So easy to prepare and all so fresh.

Check out his receipes here

 Trying to make a burger for the first time. This is not that difficult actually!

Like what Chef Auguste Gusteau said in Disney’s RATATOUILLE : “Everyone can be a Cook!”




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Man Utd 3 – 0 Liverpool



As usual, Liverpool hands the title to Man Utd.

Overall, Man Utd is the better team and no complains from Liverpool fans this time round

Massive result and a huge step toward the title.

I am so high!!!!

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Good Cathay People



Look at this promotion!

This is insane!

Who give out $10 dollar vouchers for every $50 spent shopping?

So now,when u purchase anything in What’s Good? , You can save more and buy more!

 Come to What’s good? now to see our new items!

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day at work…



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