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The Next Level : WG x HAZE

 Eric Haze For What's Good? 

The next level… I simply love Eric Haze’s Artwork and it is truly an honor to be associated with him.

The Quotation Mark is so easily recognized to be Eric Haze’s signature and we want our fans to notice this instantly!

Can’t wait for the tee?

Come down to our party this SAT!

More info and pics at DOPE WEBSITE


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You have to catch this! So funny! 

Esp Tom Cruise!

Check out their website too!

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Better think twice before u want to speed!

Currently,only available in Italy…

No Singapore PLEASE

Source: autoblog


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Received something really DOPE from the boys from Childhood Workshop!

Owen happened to drop by Singapore previously and passed some nice accessories from their store.

I must say the quality of the accessories are very high and they are very exquistive and well crafted

Once again, a BIG thanks to Toni and Owen!

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Thanks Cherice!


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Ricoh Lens Rim (or Ring)

Authentic Spare Parts

I seriously do not know how i lost the rim(ring) on my Ricoh GRD (Itchy hands Ryan!)

But luckily i managed to get a spare for it (last pcs)

And Gosh,it has a red lining to make my GRD more colorful.

Just a pity it is not purple….

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HeadPorter Carabiner

Thanks Ivan!

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