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Nice door gift

It is always nice to receive door gifts for the early birds…

This is cute.

I am Mr Injured and she is Miss Sunshine.


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Keith’s Crib :)

One of the best DIY house..by my mate keith.

Well Done bro!

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spent the last 4 days here and now in Sri lanka airport going back home… it is 3am Singapore time…

and Just in time for Xmas!

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Nice product from Energizer…although not as sleek as the Incase’s power slider but it is more readily avaliable in Singapore.

Grab them. Heard retail is 79 sgd. It should solve most you 3G freaks’ thrist for extra juice.


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Always an Incase fan, their products are well designed and built to last. A nice shape and size for my Canon + 3 lens ( and a flash!)

My Macbook pro, my iphone and now my DSLR are all protected by Incase!

Check it our HERE

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Sunrise @ Sanuar, Bali

Breathtaking and beautiful.

Had to wake up at 430am to catch it.

Took us a 30mins car ride.

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