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Super belated Xmas Pressie

Longest Xmas present i have ever waited…the mouse have gone missing..hehe

Well it is WORTH the wait…

The Magic Mouse!

The packaging resemble a soap box and it is soo sleek and sexy… Apple have done it again…

No buttons, just one piece of mulit-touch glass…. lotsa freeplay and customizing.

To fully unlease the power of the Magic Mouse, do go download Magic Prefs, which allows you to do many customize setup of your Magic Mouse


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Finally had a chance to try those famous chicken wings that is causing so much buzz.

The wings are graded from level 0 (non-spicy) to 35 (MADNESS)

From experience, a normal chilli eater can only take up to level 3, which is good enough to make you sweat…

We tried the level 3 and 7 for the first time…and the experience is not sooo good.

Really hot till our tongue are numbs and the rest of the food seem tasteless to us. 😦

Tissue pack are a must cos you will SWEAT like a cow!

And… remember to order the warm milk to kill the heat…

Guess which one is level 3 and 7….. My recommendation.. don’t try the level 7 at your first try…

Loser in Heaven Seven…

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Name : Sunset Grill and Pub

Venue: 140 Piccadilly Rd ( Singapore Flying Club)

Opening hrs : 1600-2130 (except Tue)

Tel: +65 6482 0244

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Sqeeze or Dip!

This is really a cool design from Heinz!

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