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India’s MRT


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Similar to Thailand’s tuk tuk,it is a very cheap way to travel…10 rupees?

Off to the train station!

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Tried my very first buffet in india!

Thalia as it is called,it is a traditional buffet that the southern India would normally have. There are many sides dishes,from different types of curry,mixed vegs, rotis and desserts to choose from.

They will keep serving the different sides dishes to your plate until u reject them! It is amazing way of eating and I can tell you – You will get really full really fast with all the doughs and curry….

It is a lovely experience and I enjoyed it! AND I am using my hands like the locals too!

It cost like 3 usd per head

my fave chut-ney

This is made from some milk….abit sour….not my cup of milk

They will keep filling up ur plate!

My colleagues fully enjoying themselves

This is mango pudding – Indian style!

Forgot the name but it is a sweet ball dessert…not bad

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Where the moustache?

Helping my mate as the PA, reflector-holder,driver….for his outdoor wedding shoot.

Took a few shots myself..will post them up 🙂

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Chai Tea

Something I love bout India is the tea…cos it is sweet,thick and full of flavor……..

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Something the locals have,after their meals….they called it Sof…like a after meal Refreshner…sugar coated mint.

It is nice.

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Preserved onion

My colleagues from India insisted that I must try this….oh well…took a bite…not really the side dish of my choice

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