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Florence is truly a beautiful city. Wish we had spend more time there. In my view, it is better than Venice.

Seeing David is a plus

And up the 431 stairs to the top of the Duomo.


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Panorama swiss alps

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Best view in Paris. It is at the highest point of Paris. BUT! Before u can have this view, u have to walk up 300 steps n 5 euros! But it is all worth it!

Some panorama

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U gotta love Paris. People sitting in cafes to face the crowd like they are performing.

Artistic, romantic and u gotta love the street artists.

Lourve, it gotta take you 3 days to finish. Or just visit the Mona Lisa where 90% of the tourist go there for.

Arc De Trioumphe, at the end of the enduring shopping walk from Champ de Elysee. You gotta admire the French for this.

Paris Paris, day 2 and more immerse in the city.

One more day before we leave this magical place…

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Eiffiel Tower

U see people talk about it in movies, in posters and stories.

That you have to come Eiffiel Tower when you come Paris.

Here we are!

But but…. I can’t seem to find the magic and the romance of this place.

Is it getting too commercial? Or it is just a myth?

We are tired anyway…

It is a beautiful structure.

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We are bold and we like last mins stuffs.

We rent the car last min.

We have decided to drive in our first time in London.

After 3 hrs we are at Stonehenge near Salibury.

It is worth the drive and the Stonehenge is magical!

Lotsa photos taken. Some here first.

We love road trip, any place anywhere. .z

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