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Ibu Oka Babi Guling

The famous Babi Guling at Ubud.

A must try if you come Bali. However,It took us more than 2 hrs to go there.

(filled with rabies dogs too!)

U might not wanna eat if you see the fats!


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Candid Shot

One of the best “candid” shot DRN have taken, while he goes around shooting at chest or stomach level( it should be eye level!)

I bet none could figure out the story behind the picture.

Praying for?


More to come for the LAME BBQ!

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Where the moustache?

Helping my mate as the PA, reflector-holder,driver….for his outdoor wedding shoot.

Took a few shots myself..will post them up πŸ™‚

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Finally had a chance to try those famous chicken wings that is causing so much buzz.

The wings are graded from level 0 (non-spicy) to 35 (MADNESS)

From experience, a normal chilli eater can only take up to level 3, which is good enough to make you sweat…

We tried the level 3 and 7 for the first time…and the experience is not sooo good.

Really hot till our tongue are numbs and the rest of the food seem tasteless to us. 😦

Tissue pack are a must cos you will SWEAT like a cow!

And… remember to order the warm milk to kill the heat…

Guess which one is level 3 and 7….. My recommendation.. don’t try the level 7 at your first try…

Loser in Heaven Seven…

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Name : Sunset Grill and Pub

Venue: 140 Piccadilly Rd ( Singapore Flying Club)

Opening hrs : 1600-2130 (except Tue)

Tel: +65 6482 0244

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Keith’s Crib :)

One of the best DIY house..by my mate keith.

Well Done bro!

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Paradise Inn

Treat from LGH!

Heard so much about this place from my mum, and by chance we get to try this new place.

Paradise Inn @ Funan, by the Paradise Group. The good people who brought us the infamous Seafood Paradise ( Still love the branch at Defu Lane) and also Taste Paradise @ Ion.

I love the deco of the place, very nicely renovated and every single details is not missed. And did i mention about the good service from the food servers? They are very polite and will introduce you what to eat if you haven had the slightest clue on what to start! Every dishes look so good in the menu… Food is very local flavor with an added touch of elegance…like tasting Zichar food in Hotel style. Price is reasonable.

Packed during lunchtime, I would definetly try again for dinner!

Thanks bro, for the treat πŸ˜‰


Funan Digital Mall
109 North Bridge Road #02-10/11, Funan Digitalife Mall Singapore 179097

Opening Hours
Full day dining 11.30am – 9.30pm (Last order 9pm)
For enquiries, call us atΒ 6338 4018




I love the utensil seriously…


This one too!



Love the soup they have in their menu. We tried Black chicken Ginseng soup and it is good! Not too salty and the broth is thick.


” What did you order?” LGH said. I said “Coffee Pork Ribs lo.”

” Why such a Zichar dish?!”

When it came, he shut up and ate… The meat is so tender and the marinating is good.


Another home dish. Minced meat with salty fish. Another star


This was a last min addition!!! We re-browse the menu and found the pic too tempting…and Gosh..it is a winner!

Dong Po Rou (DPR)

The top of the skin looks like some jelly and it is so fatty and juicy that you will instantly be blown off when it is in your mouth.

We ate 2 bowls of rice each instantly… We should rename it as the 3 bowl rice dish!

Wonder how it is prepared…


Till next time… i will just come over and order this with 3 bowls of plain rice!


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Unexpected BBQ

It was a pretty last min decision( I was teasing my mate, LGH that i will boycott it…)

Unexpected stuffs are always more fun…

Thanks to Angeline for providing us her OSIM-showroom styled place and free flow of food and beer.

Truly enjoyed my new flash (Canon 430 EX II) . Bought it specially to take our night event…The photos definetly looked better!

More photos here at my Facebook

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