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Candid Shot

One of the best “candid” shot DRN have taken, while he goes around shooting at chest or stomach level( it should be eye level!)

I bet none could figure out the story behind the picture.

Praying for?


More to come for the LAME BBQ!


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Finally had a chance to try those famous chicken wings that is causing so much buzz.

The wings are graded from level 0 (non-spicy) to 35 (MADNESS)

From experience, a normal chilli eater can only take up to level 3, which is good enough to make you sweat…

We tried the level 3 and 7 for the first time…and the experience is not sooo good.

Really hot till our tongue are numbs and the rest of the food seem tasteless to us. 😦

Tissue pack are a must cos you will SWEAT like a cow!

And… remember to order the warm milk to kill the heat…

Guess which one is level 3 and 7….. My recommendation.. don’t try the level 7 at your first try…

Loser in Heaven Seven…

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Name : Sunset Grill and Pub

Venue: 140 Piccadilly Rd ( Singapore Flying Club)

Opening hrs : 1600-2130 (except Tue)

Tel: +65 6482 0244

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Sneek Peek thanks to YCW!


We took a short walk to the Festive Hotel which has a casino inside ( HRH doesn’t have one)

Does it look like the gantries in airport/Mrt?!!!

Last place you wanna be…

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Nice door gift

It is always nice to receive door gifts for the early birds…

This is cute.

I am Mr Injured and she is Miss Sunshine.

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Dices in wedding dinner…

Have u seen before?

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Unexpected BBQ

It was a pretty last min decision( I was teasing my mate, LGH that i will boycott it…)

Unexpected stuffs are always more fun…

Thanks to Angeline for providing us her OSIM-showroom styled place and free flow of food and beer.

Truly enjoyed my new flash (Canon 430 EX II) . Bought it specially to take our night event…The photos definetly looked better!

More photos here at my Facebook

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Book Cafe @ Mohd Sultan

After that, after too much Chinese aura, we headed to Ang mo place…haha

Book Cafe… Nice place to read a book and lotsa magazines they have…

Drinks and food are of reasonable prices.

Check it out.

Tel: (+65) 6887 5430

Location: #01-02 Seng Kee Building, 20 Martin Road, Singapore







Love their Mint tea!


@ 6.90….




Mango low-fat Milkshake..another winner!

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