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Always been a huge Jason Mraz fan since “Waiting for my rocket to come” and ” Mr A-Z

I love his laid back, chilled out style with very catchy rhyme and lyrics.

His latest new album ” We Sing, We Dance, We Steal things”  is definitely worth grabbing.

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Seriously if u like HIP HOP, RAPPING and LMF, u will love this CD from 24HERBS

It truly representing the future of Hong Kong HIP HOP.

There are 6 members including  SIR JBS of Know1edge and 8five2 shop, Conroy aka DRUNK, Ghoststyle, Phat and Kit (members of the legendary group LMF) and Dor Yuk aka Eddie

 Grab it. VERY limited quantity.

ONLY available What’s Good? in the whole of S.E.A

Comes with free 24HERBS poster with every purchase of the CD

 24HERBS apparel coming soon???

廿四 廿四 廿四味!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats to my Bro, BBB.


You have to give it to BBB for the sick and wicked design of the shop.

And the opening filled with SuperStars….. 24Herbs, MC JIN, Ryan Hui…… What more can you ask for?











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The What's Good? Sessions One

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Check out Mr Kurt and gang’s new LOGO!

Very refreshing color combination.

Great work bro!

Check out their webbie HERE

Support Local!

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LUSH 99.5


My favourite Radio Station.

Lush 99.5… oozing with the best mixes by Local DJs.

House,Electric or Jazz, there is a great combination always.

It just feels so good to unwind your window at night and blasting music from Lush 99.5

 Helps me to relax…

 Check out the Web Radio

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He has made waves in the Chinese pop-rock scene and won the hearts of many with his simple songs of adolescent rebellion and youth-in-the-street. Now meet the Taiwanese native and smash hit singer-songwriter, Zhang Zhen Yue, also affectionately known as A Yue, in his first solo concert at Esplanade.

Here, Ah Yue sheds his angsty rocker image to speak to you from his heart through his songs. Come experience the softer side of A Yue, who will perform with his band Free 9, and enjoy a night of intimate music.

张震岳[不插电]Live 演唱会(台湾)告别冥顽不羁,告别纷纷扰扰,这回阿岳要卸下以往的摇滚外衣,不再喧哗,只是实实在在地以一把吉他,连同他的专属乐团Free 9,呈献一整夜的“不插电”演出,让你近距离接触非常OK的张震岳,感受他发自内心的动人演唱。阿岳唱红的摇滚经典多不胜数,包括《自由》、《爱的初体验》、《分手吧》、《再見》、《爱我别走》等。除了经典好歌,他也将为大家带来最近大家所熟悉的一首首“岳式情歌”如《思念是一种病》、《路口》及《OK》等歌曲。

16 Feb 2008 Sat, 7:30PM
Approx 120 Mins
Esplanade Concert Hall
TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Standard – S$128, S$108, S$88, S$68

More info here

I have got mine,have u?

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