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Wheel in Loo



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Can’t wait…

Copped from Japan..waiting for it!

New home for my iPad

Actual pics soon…

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Marshall Major

Vintage Classic

Old skool

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Seriously I am not gonna leave without my Internet for a week. The hotel Internet connectivity is crappy, and data roaming is simply too expensive.

Luckily, I have my mobile wifi device ( MIFI)

Huawei’s E5830 is a life saver. I got my prepaid vodafone sim card,pop it in and with a few settings and presto!

Both my iPad,iPhone and my office computer can share the data plan.

7 days for 35 euros. It ain’t a bad deal!

Writing this blog from the miff network

So glad I got it instead of a 3G iPad. It complement my wifi iPad perfectly.

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My new back cover



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After a long wait…It is here!!

Lets see how it fits!!

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Camera connection kit

My first photos uploaded using the Apple’s camera connection kit

Boy it is fast and no lag!

Loving it…

Now I can shoot, post n upload without my MBP!

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